Tessa - Yoga and Barre Instructor - Headshot and Portrait Session

One of the coolest things I get to do when I have people in the studio for their headshots and portraits is to chat during the shoot about what brought them to me and what the photos will be used for. Understanding them and their need for pictures from the beginning is what makes a photo session so successful.

Tessa is a Yoga and Barre instructor who's taking her career to the next level by launching her own website very soon! We've worked together in the past when she was one of the creative directors on a fashion shoot I did.  This time, I got to have her in front of the lens.

Her session was a headshot + portrait session in studio. We spent about 2.5 hours and got so many great shots! Reviewing the photos with my clients between breaks is important - Tessa was able to see the progress of the photos and also give feedback while I was making sure we were going in the right direction with the shoot.