Headshot DC by Moshe Zusman is the official Miss Maryland USA, Miss Maryland Teen USA and Miss DC Pageant photography studio. Moshe Zusman Photography Studio offers special photography packages to prepare for your pageant submission and build your portfolio.

Pageant headshot submission photo (2 looks, 2 final files) - $900
Full fashion shoot (4-6 wardrobe changes, 8-12 final files + proofs) - $1800


All packages include retouched final images, photo licensing, professional makeup, model coaching & wardrobe styling by Julia Grillo - Miss Maryland U.S. International 2012. 
" Getting an experienced professional to style and do your makeup is essential to creating a winning look. A professional will select colors and outfit selections that will make you look your best." - Julia Grillo

I loved working with Moshe because he is such a fun, energetic, and free-spirited photographer. He produces amazing quality images that are perfect for any pageant professional! I absolutely loved my pictures and was able to use them for a variety of submissions. It is always important to have professionally shot images that show your level of seriousness and attention to detail
— Mame Adjei - Miss Maryland USA 2015
Working in professional theatre and casting, I’ve seen what an impact a great professional head shot can have. It really shows in a photo when you skimp on quality.”

”Moshe and his entire studio made me feel so welcome and comfortable. I had just met him, but he already knew how to make me look my best.”

”Pageants are very competitive, your head shot has to look amazing and show the judges your best self. Moshe was very good at getting just the right shot that I knew would catch the eye of the judges
— Haely Jardas - Miss DC 2015
The best advice I ever received in preparing for a pageant was, “they may not remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel.” Moshe’s head shots MAKE YOU FEEL.

Your headshot is the first and last thing a judge sees in determining if you are walking away with the title. You want an image that represents you and says, “I’m ready for this.” You’ll feel ready to take on the world after a session with Moshe.

Having competed at Miss USA, Miss America and Miss Supranational, I’ve worked with the best in the world. Moshe’s professionalism and energy is unmatched. If you want to win, you have to prepare to win. Do yourself a favor, book your headshot with Moshe
— Allyn Rose, Miss MD & Miss DC
A great headshot will not only have the judges awaiting your arrival on stage, but it will leave them with that essential lasting impression. Each impression is unique. Moshe’s ability to capture each model’s distinctiveness is what makes him shine amongst pageant photographers
— Taylor Burton - Miss Maryland USA 2014
When you are competing in a pageant you are essentially applying for a job amongst numerous applicants. Before meeting you the judges see your headshot and make their first selection of candidates who have the total package and are serious about the job. Having a professional photographer take your official headshot is vital to setting yourself up for success and proving you are the right person for the job.

After working with Moshe on several photoshoots I can truly say he delivers the total package. Moshe has a keen eye for creating a captivating headshot that embodies your true beauty. His professionalism and creativity is sure to set you up for victory
— Julia Grillo - Miss Maryland U.S. International 2012